Beware Black Stockings and White Skirts

Published: 16th October 2009
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I was recently reminded of something my Mother shared with me when I was learning how to wear women's stockings like a lady.

"Black stockings if worn with a white skirt should always have a petticoat between"

Petticoats are another item of women's clothing that seems to be little used today but there are still some times that they really should be worn. Filmy white skirts and a black top look smart and well dressed. When completed with a pair of black stockings and black high heeled shoes they really look smart and compliment most women's figures beautifully.

When dressing in a bedroom that is not well lit and the mirror can't show you what others will see once you are out on the street and especially in full daylight. An attractive young lady was walking towards me in the street the other day and she was wearing the above. The problem was she wasn't wearing a petticoat underneath her light white skirt and her black stockings were clearly visible and they were bunched at her waist which looked awful. She was wearing the wrong sized stocking and it showed for the entire world to see. If she had been going for a job interview she spoilt the whole otherwise well-thought out attire by something so drastic and yet so simple not to do.

I felt for her because I'm sure she had no idea of the fashion taboo she was committing. I just wish everyone had been as lucky as me and had such a good stockings teacher as my Mother was for me.

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